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Testing Services Quality Assurance & Testing: Delivering best in class customer experience
As Digital Transformation takes centre stage of putting customer value at the core, and the need for speed to market is severely felt by both Business and IT, Testing and QA is an essential transformative business function. Capgemini and Sogeti embody as one global thought leader in QA & testing, and is a trusted partner and testing innovation enabler. With our own industry-leading testing methodologies TMap® and TPI®, our testing services are proven to deliver measurable improvements in quality, faster time-to-market, cost reduction and more efficient IT operational processes –helping businesses achieve quality transformation.

Capgemini Testing Services clients benefit from:

Total cost of testing reduced by up to 30%
Quality levels improved by preventing more than 98% of high-severity defects
Time to market decreased by at least 15%
Technical and business risks significantly mitigated INFRASTUCTURE SERVICES In a business climate that’s all about speed and driven by software, DevOps is the key to superior business outcomes. If you really want to accelerate the business results of digital transformation, start by accelerating your journey to DevOps. Asset Management DTI has the knowledge and delivery capabilities to successfully run complex asset management transformation projects from business case and business design through to software package selection, implementation, integration and support.